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Biography of the Mayor of Rome



I was born in Rome on July 18th, 1978, and grew up in the San Giovanni­Appio Latino neighborhood, where aqueducts and ruins of Roman walls are still visible. Later in my life, I moved to another neighborhood, Ottavia, where I still live with my son.

I am grateful to my father and my mother for giving me the possibility to get an education as a lawyer. 

My expertise include civil and judicial law and out-of-court settlements, and particularly intellectual property including copyright and new Technologies.

I strongly believe in the sacred value of ideas and in the right to protect their property.
I published several articles and case notes in the journal "Diritto dell'Informazione e dell'Informatica" (Information and Information technology Law), and in 2007 I was appointed "Honorary Fellow" at the University of Rome "Foro Italico". 

I joined the 5 Star Movement in 2011 and, with two activists, I started a 5SM group in the 14th Municipality. In 2013 I was elected City Councillor and, for the whole duration of my mandate, I was part of the Commission for Culture, Employment and Youth Policies as well as in Commission for Social Policies and Health.

For a long time I have been considering what the word "politics" means to me: it's about developing a better idea of society, of civilization, and, as a consequence, a better administration. It is not a generic and vague idea of "good" for the voters, and even less the possibility of occupying a seat of power. Politics is not a job, nor a mission: it is the desire to bring back legality, normality and sustainable progress.

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